Quantum Contact : A Space Adventure [OUT NOW on Amazon, App Store, and Google Play!]

After scientists discovered how to send a quantum message, an unexpected distress call arrived from outside their systems, and outside our solar system. You've been assigned as ship commander to respond to the distress call on a specialized craft. Quantum Contact: Jupiter Mission is a one-man developed single-player indie game that features semi-procedurally-generated moon caverns, a unique science fiction story, characters, and soundtrack. The game features zero in-app purchases and zero pay-to-win elements and realistic imagery using public domain NASA imagery. Search and find cavern items and return to the station to upgrade your explorer shuttle and review your mission with the Captain. Become a pro pilot with 3 different difficulty game modes as you descend into and explore various caverns. Game controller support available.


EchoFangs Adventure

A Halloween-inspired flying bat game that uses a new type of control scheme. Each tap will flap EchoFang's wings and move him toward your tap or echo-location. In this cave adventure you must help EchoFang find the exit as he eats candy-corn, marshmallows, and other delicious halloween treats.



Kindred Elves: Legends of the Great Forest

The friendly forest creatures have turned evil and something very powerful is to blame. The quest to find out what happened is a 2D fantasy Isometric adventure starring the skilled elven archer sibling Elana Glynfare, armed with her magic arrows and the power of her enchanted aerwood-woven flying carpet. "Indie doesn't have to mean low quality" - KitraraV

Ace Pocket

A mix between pool, shuffle puck, and others, try to win with the least amount of shots. Use the pockets to your advantage to energize your aim.


Physical Card Game (Not mobile game)

In this fantasy card game each player chooses a class. Each class has different abilities and must build certain defenses. The player with the most structures wins.



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Orionis Arts is a one-man independent game studio located in California.  Orionis Arts founder has been composing music for over 19 years and has worked on several professional and personal game projects including the 2009 Multiplayer Game of The Year "ThreadSpace: Hyperbol". The one-man studio specializes in production-quality music, sound, graphics, video, and concept artwork and special effects for computer gaming and mobile gaming projects.


Stuart Lawson (AKA Aflare Music) has created the soundtrack for ThreadSpace: Hyperbol and worked on the '42nd ever Steam published title' and licensed soundtrack for iocaine studios, Stuart has also marketed and ran several of his own businesses outside of the entertainment industry and helped many other businesses succeed with e-commerce management and online marketing experience while working on games. 


Orionis Arts is now working on several mobile game projects. 

From Commodore, then multiple cartridge gaming platforms, Gameboys, then PC's, Xbox, Playstation, Macs, Androids and iPhones, Nintendo Switch, and more, Orionis Arts is all about creating a quality gaming experience.